Monday, March 25, 2013

Early Spring Snow

"Early Spring Snow, March 24th"
digital photograph
C.M. Shaw, 2013

As much as I hate to drop another obligatory snow photo on you like every other photographer aspiring and otherwise, you have to admit the Midwest saw a pretty good blizzard this past Sunday- especially so late in March. I shot this from the tiny deck outside my second story apartment, never having set foot outside during the entire affair. I pushed up the contrast and highlights, deepened the shadows, then converted it to a black & white and hit it with the red filter. I've never done that with a snow photo, and am mildly proud of the results. It wasn't our most treacherous winter storm of the year, but it was an impressive amount of big, wet snow in a short time, about 10" or so. Very pretty. I enjoyed the day alone drawing, stopping to shoot the occasional photo and refill my coffee. Farewell to winter! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Stars to light your candles...

Started making art again after some fits and starts- here's an acrylic painting on paper that's stapled to one of my boards right now. I love painting/drawing on paper, this one drawn heavily in wax crayon prior to painting with acrylic, and yes, glitter. See her sparkling? I'm trying to keep these loose, and I find a rough, playful crayon preliminary starts things off well. I bought a few new pads of paper, and this is the direction things are headed- lots of new ideas to work on.