Monday, September 2, 2013

White Rabbit Video

I've kept busy making more movies and taking photos lately than painting this past year, culminating with this latest video of my band, the Good Medicine Revival Show, covering "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane (1967).  To my delight, my band mates came to life when I began recording- Dan & Mary in particular. We laughed so hard and had such good time... 

While I haven't any full-length feature aspirations, and my little videos are simple, I did reach a new level of sophistication with this one. White Rabbit was a learning experience for me, involving some lip syncing and far more snips of video than I've used in one video to date. The Windows Movie Maker is an idiot-proof program that satisfies my as of late spur-of-the-moment mode of creativity, and has allowed me to express myself in new ways. Special thanks to friends Todd & Jill Hampton for moral support, great extra footage & photography, and making it FUN!