Sunday, September 16, 2007


“Temptation” is a pretty little thing, I thought- my Mum loved it, too. It is typical of my style, but unique at the time I made it for two reasons: one being my use of collage elements mixed with figure painting, then new to my oeuvre, and secondly, my use of gessoed tissue paper to create a leaf-like texture on the surface of the board (which I’ve not used since). Obviously inspired by the “Garden of Eden” story featured in the Genesis chapter of the Bible, the subject reaching cautiously for the apple in the tree is encountered by a serpent, slithering down from the branches, setting a disquieting scene. Temptation is a real thing; we all assess the risks in things we do from time to time- should I just because I can?

My deepest gratitude to my patron, Miss Weaver-