Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Needle and Thread

I’ve so many new responsibilities,
And the boss has new expectations,
And I’ll make more money, get so far ahead,
Ahead of that slow car ahead to catch the exit ramp,
And save myself a minute that I won’t enjoy later.
And I need more to do later,
Because I’m so Talented, Multi-Faceted, and Industrious,
So I never get to enjoy my friends, my life.
So much to do that none of it is done well at all,
Neither projects nor relationships…
Not even breakfast,
And I never had time to fall in love...
But there is no hurry with a needle and thread.
There is only slow and methodical,
Meditation and quiet concentration,
And poke a finger with the needle- stop.
Bite my lip. Breathe. Realign. Proceed cautiously.
There is only time... all the time in the world.

CM Shaw 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Owl and Lover Moon

Owl writes a poem every night for his Lover Moon, and sings a little lullaby...

Every night in his longing for her, Owl writes the same poem, over and over, again and again for Lover Moon and then has some tea!

So lovesick that he forgets every morning playing with Finch and Robin, Owl writes the same verse every night! Can you imagine someone so precious?! Ha! So adorable, so forgetful...

It's a little sad, but a little sweet when Owl sheds a tear at the end of his whispery song, because soon he will forget, weeping while he grinds coriander and chamomile,

And all made well and small tears dissolved in a snoozy cup of hot tea,
before he snuggles in his soft bed…
and dreams about his Lover Moon.

CM Shaw 2011
(for Daddy)