Thursday, December 19, 2013

Secret Melody

"Secret Melody"  2013
11 x 14"
acrylic, mixed media collage on masonite

Like "Her Night", this mixed media collage of mine shares a setting of opulence, both paintings containing a jeweled chandelier and female in fancy dress. The subject in "Secret Melody" faces away from the viewer, a seeker following song to it's hidden origin at the top of the stairs. I wasn't sure where this piece was going, and finished up a year after I began work on it, the musical staff on black the final pieces collaged onto the board. A lifelong musician, I can recall hundreds of melodies from memory and recite them at will.  I remember the minutiae of recordings in great detail, and feel I can play them like a record in my head. Music is part of my every day, often times enjoyed singularly, no other activity involved- I can just get carried off by it. Naturally, the themes in my art frequently center around music. While remaining convinced I experience music more profoundly than the majority, I do feel that most people have a certain affinity for it, and perhaps even a special melody or two that appears in their head. What song does the little record player spin in your head?

Above: Art enthusiasts stop by Norton's Fine Art to get a closer look at "Secret Melody" and all the other artist's works at the Nov. 23rd Size Matters Holiday Show opening.

"Secret Melody" is displayed for sale until Jan. 11th, so call Mary at Norton's Fine Art if you need the perfect holiday gift for that music lover in your life    :)