Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Moon

"April Moon"
Digital photo, 2014

I missed the recent "blood moon" event, but did take a few dozen bad photos one evening shortly thereafter, experimenting with my new point and shoot- the Panasonic ZS20. There were some happy accidents while leaving my shutter open too long however, and though I've no aspirations to be a great photographer, I do love to play. The photo above turned out interesting, floating orbs circling the overexposed moon, from light reflections through the lens of course. The blue sphere at the top looks like some distant planet, giving the scene a far-out science fiction vibe!

I've kept very busy working on recording more of my nephew's new songs, writing & preparing to record an album with my brother, taking a lot of photos, and occasionally painting. My career requires a great deal of time as well, and my band is preparing for an upcoming show, but I like to explore many things at once. It's often been said that to be truly great at something, one must focus only on that. And while I may never be truly great at anything, I don't subscribe to the aforementioned philosophy- variety is the spice of life.